Multi Media Solutions for All Projects

Every commercial project (office, retail, restaurant, warehouse, medical, education, event centers/venues, recreational facilities, etc.) needs its pre-existing conditions, concept/design, construction process, and finished product documented. We are here to serve these needs professionally and add another centerpiece to your portfolio.

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Document Pre Existing Conditions

Every project has a starting point, so it’s very important to have a detailed record of the jobsite, as-is, before your project begins. Documenting pre-existing conditions is becoming a must, as liability grows among contractors, municipalities, business owners, tenants, etc., in regards to their site/project. We do this through aerial imagery, professional photography/video, and interactive media.

Record Construction Progress

Most projects/contracts nowadays call for regular photographic updates to be delivered to the developer. Anyone can take mediocre cell phone photos and cover the bare minimum, but why not show your clients that you always go the extra mile? Deliver the highest quality content with regularly scheduled aerial imagery, and other interactive visual tools!

Capture The Final Project for your Portfolio

Every project that you complete should be portfolio worthy, and something your company/team is proud of! We can photograph, create marketing content (promotional photos, videos, tours, etc.) for websites and social media, and provide other interactive tools for you to build your brand and reputation. Be the contractor/builder to work with, and be proud to professionally show off your finished projects!

Technology that allows you and your clients to step onto any job site

Using our cutting-edge technology will allow your staff and clients to explore any job site without physically traveling there. You will have documentation and record keeping at the highest levels, stunning marketing content, and the tools to show off your progress while developing trust as an industry leader.

Aerial Imagery/Solutions

One of the most important tools that you’re not using yet! These navigable aerial 360 images show every aspect of your project, from start to finish. They can be used for planning/design, estimates, meetings, presentations, portfolio pieces, marketing content, and more! A photo is worth a thousand words, and interactive media can tell the whole story. After your first use of this service, it will become the standard!

Standardized Professional Photography

Images tell your project’s story, whether it’s developing, still in progress, or completed. A well photographed project can tell you everything you need to know about the quality of work being done. Clients/developers demand updated images on progress, so we provide you with the materials to deliver the best possible updates, at the most competitive price.

Interactive Tools

When you need to make big decisions that will affect a project, do you want to on rely on mediocre/static images or see all the details and angles clearly? We provide short term solutions for portions of the project, and/or full production style virtual tours and aerial imagery. These interactive tools are the future of the AEC/construction industry and can help connect people/professionals all around the world!

Tell your story with Video

It has been proven that your website visitors & social media audience come to your page for information, and also entertainment. Show them that you are not only capable of this, but also be proud of your content and willing to go the extra mile. Professional videos are the best way to tell your story, and control the narrative of your brand/company!

About Us

We launched our business in October of 2017 with two goals. The first is to always provide maximum value to you, the end consumer. The second part was to create a job for talented creatives to make a a great livelihood. We knew if we could provide the utmost quality at a price that was as competitive as possible, then providing livelihoods would be the easy part. Our start was in residential real estate and photographing listings. We have photographed over 5,000 listings in 2.5 years. Our skills have transferred over easily to the AEC sector. As we are honored to serve as many real estate professionals as we do. We are now serving all kinds of clients for architects, engineers and general contractors. Our main goal will always be to impress your clients with great visual media that wows your clients.

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