Solutions for Commercial Builders

Document the Build

with UAV Drone Imagery, Virtual Walkthroughs, Video & Still Photography


Explore the Space Completely

Saves Time & Money

24-7 Access to Work Site

From beginning to end, we capture the entirety of the project.

Create a work site that’s open and accessible 24-7 with a 3D virtual walkthrough. Combining a virtual tour with professional photography, video and aerial services provides a multifaceted big picture view and a detailed view at the same time. We recommend monthly coverage of larger projects for the most up-to-date look at the development. This allows managers to work effectively remotely from anywhere in the world. Ultimately, this saves time and money for the company, allowing more accurate decisions to be made faster.

3D Job Site Walkthrough


Commercial Construction Documentation Services

  • Photo Documentation
  • Video Documentation
  • 3D Virtual Walkthroughs
  • UAV Aerial Imagery

To provide a macro view as well as a micro view of a project in process, Lighthouse Visuals utilizes cutting edge technologies for complete coverage. Professional level photography combined with video documentation, 3D virtual tour walkthroughs, and UAV (drone) services display the most comprehensive look at every angle of your project.

Our low prices allow the site to be documented more frequently while still remaining within budget. By documenting every step of the project, you will find your team communicating more exactly and easier through the usage of our information rich media.

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