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Floor Plan

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Floor plans provide a detailed and accurate visual representation of a property’s layout, enhancing listings and aiding buyer decision-making.

Free Drone photography with every listing. Pricing by home sqft:

-Add-on$99 – Stand Alone$125/Listings up to 3,500sqft 
-Add-on$115 – Stand Alone$150/Listings 3,500-5,000sqft
-Add-on$130 – Stand Alone$175/Listings 5,000-7,500sqft

Floor plans offer precise measurements and room layouts, giving potential buyers a clear understanding of a property’s space and structure. They also include key details like door and window locations, enhancing the overall visualization of the property.

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What is a floor plan?

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As a realtor, presenting a property accurately and attractively is crucial in attracting potential buyers. A floor plan is an essential tool in your real estate arsenal. It is a detailed diagram that represents a property’s layout, offering a clear and precise depiction of the space from a top-down perspective.

Floor plans are more than just drawings; they are a strategic asset in property listings. They provide potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the property’s dimensions, layout, and flow, which is often difficult to convey through photos alone. By including floor plans in your listings, you not only enhance the property’s presentation but also demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail.

isualize your dream home: Explore interactive 3D floor plans and discover the perfect layout for your lifestyle.
Real estate listing kitchen photo: bright, well lit, natural light, white counters

What buyers have to say about floor plans

Real estate listing kitchen photo: bright, well lit, natural light, white counters

Buyers increasingly value floor plans for providing a clear, detailed view of a property’s layout, aiding in visualization and decision-making. They appreciate understanding a space’s flow and dimensions, which helps in assessing suitability and planning, especially for remote or relocation purchases.

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up to 3,500 sqft

Stand alone $125
Add-on $99

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up to 3,501-5,000 sqft

Stand alone $150
Add-on $115

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up to 5,001-7,500 sqft

Stand alone $175
Add-on $130

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Disclaimer: Lighthouse Visuals expressly declares that it is not a licensed real estate appraiser. All measurements provided by Lighthouse Visuals are to be considered as supplemental information only. For official and legally binding measurements, users are advised to seek verification and validation from a duly licensed real estate appraiser or a qualified licensed real estate agent. Reliance on the measurements provided by Lighthouse Visuals for official use is not recommended and should be independently corroborated.

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Advantages Lighthouse Customers See:

Accurate Layout Representation

Provides a precise and clear depiction of a property's layout, helping buyers visualize the space and its potential.

Enhanced Listing Appeal

Adds a professional touch to listings, making them more informative and attractive to potential buyers.

Improved Buyer Understanding

Helps buyers quickly grasp the flow and size of a property, facilitating faster decision-making.

Efficient Marketing Tool

Acts as an effective visual aid in both online and print marketing materials, enhancing the overall presentation of the property.

Go Better With Lighthouse Visuals

Make a lasting impression with eye-catching HDR photos. Stand out from the competition and grab attention with images that burst with vibrancy.
Make a lasting impression with eye-catching HDR photos. Stand out from the competition and grab attention with images that burst with vibrancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are floor plans?

Floor plans are detailed drawings representing a property’s layout from a bird’s-eye view, showing the arrangement of rooms and spaces.

They provide a clear and detailed view of your property’s layout, helping potential buyers visualize the space and its possibilities.

Yes, floor plans can be easily incorporated into online listings, enhancing their appeal and providing valuable information to viewers.

Absolutely, our floor plans are accurately scaled to represent the true dimensions of each space within the property.

How long does it take to create a floor plan?

The time can vary depending on the property size, but we typically complete floor plans within 48 hours of the property survey.

Yes, we can customize floor plans to include specific details or branding as per your requirements.

Our floor plans include room dimensions, layout, and sometimes furniture placement to give a comprehensive view of the space.

Yes, we offer revisions to ensure the floor plan meets your exact needs and specifications.

Still have questions?

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