Floor Plans for Room Dimensions & Room Layout!

For just $45 more you can add a floor plan to any virtual tour order

Our floor plans have room dimensions and are beautifully crafted. We can calculate gross square footage to cross reference your own measurements. Our team uses infrared lasers while creating the virtual tour to measure paint to paint. This method gives 99.9% accuracy which is great for condo’s, townhomes or other structures that are measured paint to paint for calculating total square footage. For standalone residences such as single family residences, we add 6” to the exterior width of the walls which is has to be included in the total square footage for this style residences.

Even though our floorplans are 99.9% accurate and we use state of the art technology to capture measurements, we are not licensed appraisers. Our floorplans are offered as supplemental visual aids to convey the layout and room dimensions. We do not bare any liability if square footage total is incorrect. We have intensely studied and go by Residential Square Footage Guidelines. Beginning on page 5 under the section of Agents’ Responsibility you will read that agent is ultimately liable for the accuracy of the square footage that is reported.

However we can save you time and money with our floorplans as a cross reference to your measurements.

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