Jul 22, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

3 keys for content

How agents can get the most from real estate marketing content
Quality, informative content is the backbone for all facets of real estate marketing. It is simultaneously how you reach new clients, and how new clients find you. The better you are with it, the more leads you’ll generate. Content for effective real estate marketing campaigns have three keys: it’s high-quality, regular, and specific. Let’s break down each key.

High-quality content drives engagement

In the real estate world, people so often come to agents because they have a question they need answered. Informative content on your social media channels and website means that these prospective clients find you when they’re searching for answers to their questions.

Additionally, content like market stats, information on neighborhoods, and tips helps promote your expertise as an agent. Testimonials from past customers also affirms that while striking an emotional chord.

Photography is the cornerstone to this all. Images are often what stops someone as they scroll through their Instagram and Facebook feeds. You want that picture to be of stunning quality, like an HDR photo, or something that can take their breath away, like a drone shot.

It’s all about building a brand. Agents want their marketing campaigns to show they’re professional, reliable, and experts at what they do.

Making sure there’s a regularity to your campaign

Whether your campaign is through email or social media, there needs to be a consistency to the timing of the content. For example, make sure to space out posts on social media strategically. Dumping a handful of photos on Instagram all at once or clumping together Facebook posts will reduce your reach.

Instead, space out posts regularly throughout your campaign’s timeframe. Stacking posts together over a shorter period of time in a day or even week can make it more likely they’ll reach the same people over and over again.

Also try experimenting with different times of the day for your posts and monitor how they perform to try to pin down trends. Are people more likely to look for your services at a certain time of the day? Are emails sent at a certain time having higher click-through rates? Keep an eye on results and adjust strategies accordingly.

Key in on a specific audience

The most effective real estate marketing content targets specific audiences. When putting together a campaign, think first of who you’re trying to reach. Are they first-time home buyers, people looking to retire, or are they relocating? What are they looking for a townhome or condo, a forever home for their family, or downsizing? What about the neighborhood? Answering these questions helps you narrow down your audience. It also supplies you with some keywords that will need to be in the content so those people can find you. Being specific in who you’re trying to reach, then providing them with quality content that’s useful to them is how real estate marketing content is used to generate leads. Doing so with regularity is how agents get the most out of that content — whether it’s in the form of blogs, social media posts, or email campaigns.

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