Mar 23, 2022 | Marketing Ideas

A worthy first impression

What new real estate agents need to know about writing their bio

So, you’re new to real estate. First of all, congratulations on stepping into an exciting, ever-changing career field! It’s an industry that requires you to work odd hours and pay constant attention to trends, but can be so rewarding to those who put the effort in.

Beginning agents have a laundry list of tasks to complete to get their careers off the ground. An online presence is a necessity, so penning the perfect biography for yourself should be one of the first objectives set. This bio is primarily for your page on your broker’s website, but can also be used on social media. 

Here are a few tips to help you stand out with a written message for your soon-to-be clients.

Explain why you chose real estate

One of the first things your bio should achieve is explaining to readers why you chose to work in real estate.

Do you enjoy building relationships and working with people every day? Are you good at listening and helping solve problems? Are you an excellent communicator and easily reached? These are just a few traits held by the best real estate professionals.

This career path means working with people who are almost certainly going through a major life event — getting married, moving for work, having children, and more. Make sure they know you are worthy of being trusted to guide them through these experiences. 

You can also detail your personal experiences buying or selling a home. Mention what you enjoyed about the process and, more importantly, what you will strive to do better. This is a simple way of addressing some pain points a potential client may have and can help you relate to them on a more personal level.

Brag a little bit

Even those new to the real estate business should be able to find a few things to brag about. First off, list any certifications you have. Those with more experience can tell readers how many years they’ve been working and show off some of the homes they’ve sold.

If you’re coming from a totally different field, consider explaining how those skillsets can transfer. For example, a former teacher has the ability to work with all sorts of different personalities at the same time. They also have incredible work ethics and are invested in bettering their communities.

If your accomplishments are on the thinner side, do your best to showcase your knowledge of the market. What neighborhoods are you most familiar with? Based on development or school redistricting, what communities to you expect to be on the up-and-up? 

Highlighting your expertise — and not just in your bio — is a tried-and-true way to instill confidence in potential clients that you’re the one for the job.

What are your favorite things about your community?

    Your excitement for what you do and especially where you work should shine through your bio. 

    If you grew up in your market, be sure to mention that. If not, explain why you moved there, how long you’ve lived there, and what your favorite things about the area are. Also feel free to mention your neighborhood and what made you move into it.

    Here is a portion of Raleigh-based agent Ryan Whitney’s bio that does well to accomplish this:

    “He enjoys the diversity and richness of this area – it is so vibrant, includes people in all walks of life and maintains a small city feel with big city perks. One can really find anything they need here.”

    If you want to knock your bio out of the park, consider a professionally made video. There’s something about you looking into the camera and delivering your personal pitch that can make all the difference to those looking for a real estate agent.

    Reach out to Lighthouse Visuals today to discuss with a marketing consultant how our services can take your real estate career to the next level.

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