Jul 8, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

Building your brand

Using professional photography to stand out, elevate your brand

You probably know visuals are key to all kinds of marketing, but do you know why?

Almost two-thirds of people are visual learners. Studies show the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. It can take the brain about 6 seconds to read 20-25 words while it can process the meaning of a symbol in a fraction of a second.

You can tell prospective clients about your brand and they can read about it, but there’s no way to beat showing them. Enter professional photography – the key ingredient to cementing your presence in the market.

Think of how information is delivered

If you’re a real estate agent, you’re constantly living in an online space. You’re reaching new clients through social media and email campaigns. They’re coming across your listings on websites like Zillow.

And in every instance, photos are what capture their attention. It’s what gets them to stop when scrolling through their Instagram feeds. Pictures are what they’re spending the most time looking at on your listings.

Services like drone photography and videos are proven marketing tools — especially when it comes to your social media strategy. Listings with photos sell faster than those without. Aerial images see them close even quicker, and videos continue to emerge as one of the best drivers of online engagement.

For agents, selling a home even a little quicker and picking up another listing or two can be the difference in thousands of dollars in commissions each year.


Continual return on your investment

Top-notch photography is the gift that keeps on giving for real estate agents. The immediate need for this service is most likely for a listing you have coming up.

But that isn’t all the mileage you’ll get out of professional photos and videos. You can use these materials as often as you like for other projects. Marketing campaigns that aren’t specific to a listing benefit greatly from images.

On Facebook, posts with photos earn more interactions and get 84% more click-throughs on links than text posts, according to Buffer. Email marketing, per Campaign Monitor, outperforms all others when it comes to real estate. One exceptional photo in an email campaign can provide a major boost as Campaign Monitor says too many images in a message can bog down deliverability.

Some other uses for professional photos include listing presentations and blogs on your website.

To sum it up, being visual is the most effective way to present yourself as a real estate agent. Aerial images, exquisite HDR photos, and promotional videos are all tools you can use to set yourself apart from the competition and elevate your brand.

And the best part is these photos are perfect to re-use for future marketing projects.

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