Mar 30, 2022 | Marketing Ideas

Fostering relationships

Content marketing to build a thriving real estate business

Almost all home buyers said they used the internet when searching for a home. Buyers and sellers alike said a website was one of the more common means by which they found the real estate agent they worked with.

But having an online presence alone isn’t enough for real estate agents to thrive in today’s highly competitive environment. They can’t expect that a website and social media pages will be enough without nurturing them with content.

Building a mutually beneficial relationship with people is one of the best ways for real estate agents to earn business. That is accomplished by providing people with useful information on a regular basis. Give them insights before they’re even looking to buy or sell, then have answers to the many questions they’ll have when it’s time to do so. 

Adding a blog section to their website and keeping it up-to-date with posts that buyers and sellers in the market will find interesting is the best way to nurture that relationship. After that, the content can be used to bolster marketing campaigns. Here’s how:

News you can use

Agents trying to come up with blog topics should put themselves in the shoes of their potential clients. Think about what buyers and sellers are searching for online. What are the trends they should know about the market? What is the discussion surrounding city and county property taxes? 

Real estate agents want to be the ones answering questions when buyers and sellers turn to Google. That’s how blogs generate leads. By maintaining their websites with this kind of useful information, agents can nurture those leads and ensure they’re top-of-mind when it comes time to hire an agent. 

Using blogs for content marketing

Gone are the days of reaching new clients through direct mail. According to the NAR, more than 50 percent of homebuyers said getting emails about their specific needs was important. 

Email marketing is one of the more effective ways to maintain periodic contact with potential clients. A healthy amount of content means that agents have plenty available to them to flesh out email newsletters. For example, a monthly email with current and upcoming listings can be further reinforced by adding a snippet from a relevant blog with a link to the full post.

This kind of content is also good for social media. Posting about current matters and trends can be a reliable way to reach new clients. One of the best places to post this kind of content is in groups about area real estate or community information pages. 

Flexibility is key

    Being flexibile is fundamental to a successful content marketing campaign. Real estate agents shouldn’t be shy when it comes to trying new ideas.

    They also need to be analytical. Some campaigns are going to work better than others. The best agents will notice what isn’t working — efforts that don’t have good open or clickthrough rates, or those that lead to a high amount of unsubscriptions. It’s just like so many other aspects of the job in that understanding the needs of the client will set agents apart from the rest.

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