Jul 10, 2023 | Marketing Ideas

Free Drone Photography: Elevating Real Estate Listings

Transform Your Listings With Complementary Aerial Views.

At Lighthouse Visuals, we go the extra mile to ensure your property listings stand out from the crowd. One of the unique services we offer – at no extra cost – is professional drone photography for every listing. This powerful tool provides an unparalleled perspective on properties, transforming how potential buyers view and perceive them.

Statistics back up the power of aerial photography. Homes listed with professional drone photos have been found to sell 68% faster than those with standard photos. The aerial viewpoint paints a comprehensive picture of the property, showing off its layout, land, and surrounding features in a way that ground-level photos can’t match.

Drone photography isn’t just a pretty picture, though. It’s also a money-saver. Agents typically spend upwards of $100 to hire a drone photographer for each property. By offering this service for free, we’re providing exceptional value to our clients, saving them a significant amount of money with each listing.

A stunning aerial view of a row of vibrant beach houses, captured by a drone. The brightly colored houses stand out against the backdrop of the ocean and the sandy beach, creating a cheerful and playful scene.

The unique selling proposition of aerial photography lies in its ability to showcase a property’s position within its neighborhood and proximity to local amenities. It’s a visual testimony of how the house sits on the land, its interaction with neighboring properties, and its distance to the beach, golf course, or the nearest grocery store. These details, often overlooked, can be instrumental in capturing the interest of potential buyers.

Interior Real Estate HDR Image

Despite the clear advantages, free drone photography isn’t a service most real estate photography companies offer. But at Lighthouse Visuals, we see things differently. Every client receives 10 to 15 high-quality drone photos with each listing. No additional cost. No catches.

We believe in providing maximum value through price, quality, and customer service. Our free drone photography service is just one of the ways we strive to hit our mission. We want to help you sell homes faster and more efficiently, without compromising on quality or stretching your budget.

Experience the Lighthouse Visuals difference. Reach new heights in your real estate marketing with our free drone photography service for every listing.

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