Jul 8, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

Going all-in

Real estate photography gives you a leg up in a competitive market
It’s a seller’s market throughout much of North Carolina and around the southeast. Listings can’t come in fast enough, and they’re disappearing quickly after offers flood in well above asking price. That doesn’t mean houses are selling themselves. It’s quite the opposite, actually — the agents going the extra mile are getting the listings and selling them fast. Shortcuts can’t be taken if a seller wants to capitalize on a hot real estate market.  That includes real estate photography. Professional photos are still as important as ever when it comes to the marketing package. 

Follow the numbers

High-quality photography is among the most influential factors for people looking for a home. According to a 2017 study, 89 percent of buyers who use the internet in their search found photos very useful. Those people who search for their next home online look longer and check out more houses. According to that study, buyers using the internet looked for more than two months and eyed a median of 10 homes. You need to meet buyers where they are — online. You also need to use all the tools at your disposal to stand out. People looking for homes online are able to click, swipe, and scroll through an incredible amount of listings. Professional photography is one of the most fundamental ways to make sure your listing is the one that stops them and grabs their attention.


Earn more listings

We’ve established that high-quality photography is key in a seller’s market. But what else can you get from standing out in the real estate landscape in your market? Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of sellers looking for an agent. So much of buying or selling a home is visual. When they look you up online, photos of your previous listings will be one of the first things they see. You don’t want their first impression to be that you cut corners on photography. It goes beyond photos, too. Other forms of media like drone imaging and HDR photography are marketing favorites. Video can also be used to drive engagement on social media. According to the National Association of REALTORS, 73 percent of homeowners claim they’re more likely to list with an agent who uses video when marketing a home. In a competitive market, all of these media options could be the deciding factor if it comes down to you and another agent. The same goes if you’re trying to earn more leads. Google favors media in its search engine optimization. This will help you get your services in front of more eyes. Tip: when labeling files, be sure to be specific in the file name and alt text. Let’s say you listed a condo in downtown Raleigh. Instead of sticking with the default name like “IMG_003.jpeg,” try “Downtown Raleigh condo1.jpeg.” Describe it a little more in the alt text: “2 bed, 1 bath second-floor condo on Hargett Street in downtown Raleigh, NC.”

Make it easy

At the end of the day, you’re going to stand out based on the service you provide and how it meets the needs of your client. And if you want to go the distance to do just that, look no further than Lighthouse Visuals’ specialty: 3-D virtual tours. Being able to digitally walk through a home from a phone or a computer proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even now as the world gets back to normal, being able to offer that kind of convenience is something that buyers and sellers alike will continue to seek out. Contact Lighthouse Visuals today to schedule an appointment to photograph and 3-D map your listing!

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