Mar 16, 2022 | Marketing Ideas

Keeping up with changing tastes

Luxurious home bathroom trends to know in 2022

Real estate trends are fluid. Tastes constantly evolve with new fads popping up — some with staying power and others that never quite catch on. Being at least mindful, and in many cases embracing trends is important when selling a home. 

The primary bathroom is one area in a house that is often a focal point of trends. Some of them are easy for homeowners to adjust to on the fly, should they choose to. Minor considerations that can be made by sellers can be just updating lighting and changing color schemes.

But many trends with bathrooms in 2022 share one thing in common: luxury.

Especially with higher-end homes, making updates to account for current trends — especially those that make a home feel more luxurious — can be key to a higher final sale price. And, of course, professional real estate photography is the most powerful tool in marketing a listing in a way that helps it sell for more. 

Here are some of the top bathroom trends of 2022:

Relax in an at-home spa

Maybe all the time people have spent at home in the past two years left them wanting a taste of luxury relaxation within their quarters. A 2021 study by found that 41 percent of homeowners surveyed renovated their bathrooms for the purpose of rest and relaxation. 

There are numerous premium features that can be added to a primary bathroom to make it a better place to unwind. Tubs can be added to a bathroom or upgraded with jets. Showers can be remodeled to be outfitted with in-demand amenities like dual or rainfall showerheads. 

Giving a primary bathroom a spa-like vibe can also be achieved with smaller changes. The study found almost a third of homeowners added greenery to a bathroom with most of those doing so because they believe plants are aesthetically pleasing and calming. 

Some things are black and white

Homeowner tastes are never black and white — except when they are literally black and white. In a look at trends for 2022, Good Housekeeping said matte black bathroom fixtures are “having a moment” that should continue growing this year.

Those faucets and cabinet handles are an eye-catching combination of smooth and simple on their own, yet bold in the way they contrast another trend — white marble features. The exquisite material exudes sophistication, also adding to a luxurious spa feel.

To really grab attention and add some color to a bathroom, Good Housekeeping mentioned that accent walls or bold wallpapers are gaining steam. 

Let there be light!

So much work in a bathroom requires professionals to deal with plumbing. Lighting upgrades are a go-to, low-cost option for those wanting to update their bathrooms. That is especially true for those who want to save even more money by undertaking a DIY project. 

According to the Houzz report, wall lights and recessed lights have been two of the most popular choices for homeowners in 2022. LED lights on mirrors are a simpler upgrade that sellers can make to give a bathroom a modern touch.

Highlight all your desirable features

Turn to Lighthouse Visuals to highlight the spaces and features that make your house a home. Professional photography is the foundation for marketing packages that sell homes for above asking prices.

If you’re going to put the money and work into upgrades to your bathroom — or any room, for that matter — invest in photography that will showcase them. Connect with a Lighthouse Visuals marketing content advisor to discuss what services would be best for your listing. 

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