Jul 8, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

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How to land real estate leads using Facebook

Generating new leads is key to a real estate agent’s success. That is especially true for agents new to a market. It can be difficult to have your voice heard, and that’s even more true now with white-hot housing markets in so many areas.

Facebook, when used properly, can be your most powerful tool in reaching potential clients. Sifting through the social media platform allows you to know what specific people are looking for, and the built-in messenger provides you a way to reach out to them. There’s also tons of value to putting out

How to find home buyers on Facebook

It might sound too easy, but one of the most effective ways to find people looking to buy a house is just by using the search function. Punching in something like your area with keywords like “looking to buy” or “house hunting” can produce a list of people likely to be looking for a real estate agent. You may find the most success by picking out posts asking for advice or guidance. These people tend to be in the earliest stages of the home-buying process and thus are less likely to already have an agent. This same principle works in reverse, too. Have your professional Facebook page set up with content that people looking to buy are house are likely to find in a search. Providing tips about real estate and other useful content targeted to potential buyers is a good way to help them find you.


Using Facebook Ads to help clients find you

Advertising a listing on Facebook can be beneficial, but it’s difficult to do well. Many kinds of advertisements on Facebook only have one photo of the house or property. Even the best photo in the bunch is going to struggle to suck in as many people as you’d like.

Check out the other kinds of ads Facebook offers. There are some that include 360-degree photos that are terrific at driving engagement. Giving potential buyers a way to virtually navigate a house without even having to leave Facebook.

There are also ads that, instead of a single image, make use of a sort of slideshow. That will allow you to attract more attention by showcasing the strongest photos from the listing.


Go live!

Facebook Live can be daunting for some, especially those new to a market with a minimal audience. Public speaking, even in this form, can be intimidating, and developing that following can be frustrating at times. Committing to it can help you build a relationship with those in your market. Facebook Live allows you to speak directly to potential clients and interact with them. You can answer their questions and give them advice. You can also show off the neighborhood or give a sneak peak of your favorite room in a listing. Real estate leads can be abundant on Facebook if you know where and how to look. There’s also plenty of work that can be done to make it easier for new real estate leads to find you — whether that’s using ads or producing engaging content.

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