Jan 20, 2022 | Marketing Ideas

Offering your expertise

How to use blogs to boost real estate marketing power

Engaging and informative content is the backbone of any successful real estate marketing plan. It’s one of the most effective ways for agents to show current and prospective clients their expertise. 

A blog is one of the most effective ways of cultivating that content. For real estate agents, it’s a proven way to improve your website’s search engine optimization. Buyers and sellers looking for certain information will find your website, and thus your services. It’s also useful for adding substance to social media and email campaigns. 

Agents who include blogs on their sites are also able to show off their expertise. Sharing your savvy could help reassure prospective clients. After all, if they land on your site because it answers a question they had, they know right off the bat that you’re equipped to help them!

Here are three keys to blogging in a way that will boost your marketing power.

Prioritize local insights

There’s no better way to flex your expertise in your market than by offering up insights that are specific to it. Evaluate housing trends and help buyers identify growing neighborhoods. Break down forecasts for the housing markets in a way that’s easily understood.

Much of that kind of content caters to first-time buyers or those who are new to the market. Also be sure to present information of value to those who already live in the market. For example, put something out there when local leaders are proposing an increase in property taxes. Let homeowners know what a rate hike will mean for their annual tax bill and what they’ll get out of the increase. 

Number-heavy information like housing market trends and tax information is best presented in more visual formats. Embed graphics throughout the post to make the numbers more easily digested. A benefit to blogging about subjects like property taxes is the ability to link to external sources like a news outlet or a local government’s website for more information on subjects like a specific proposal.

Answer frequently-asked questions

Seasoned real estate agents can rattle off a few of the most commonly asked questions by buyers and sellers. So why not take some of those questions and provide answers for those out there Googling them?

This, too, is probably best accomplished in blog format. Having those questions written out and answered on your website will help with search engine optimization. This way, people out there searching for the very answers you’re providing will find you and your services. The majority of these people are potential clients!

This content can be stretched out, too. Use the answers as a script for a short Q&A video. Answer some of them, post the clips on social media channels, and instruct viewers to head to your website for answers to more common real estate questions. 

Show off what makes your market unique

Does your market have a bustling downtown area for shopping, dining, or nightlife? Are there greenways, parks, and other nature escapes? What about museums, historical sites, or other educational stops worth making? What are the best destinations for a day trip? 

When buying a home, clients are also buying into the lifestyle of where they’re moving. What better way to show them the market’s lifestyle than by, well, showing them? A blog with a slideshow as the centerpiece can accomplish just that. 

This, too, is content easily leveraged on social media. All it takes is a post with a photo or two of, for example, highly rated restaurants in the market, and then the instruction to see an entire breakdown on your website.

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