Sep 10, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

Power of video in marketing

How real estate agents can use video to boost business

Professional photography is a powerful tool for real estate marketing, but it isn’t the only one available to help agents get more eyes on their listings. Video has emerged as a difference-maker when it comes to marketing listings and encouraging sellers to list with you.

Data referenced by the National Association of Realtors said real estate listings with video get 403 percent more inquiries than those without. It also drastically helps with search engine optimization.

Embedded video drives 157 percent more organic search traffic to your website. Websites that use video are about 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search engine results. It also drives engagement on social media at a much higher rate.


It’s also important for agents to meet potential clients where they are. Youtube, after Google, is the second-biggest search engine on the internet. Half of homebuyers said they use Youtube most during their search process.

That, combined with about two-thirds of people saying they’re visual learners, is why the NAR reported that 73 percent of homebuyers said they’re more likely to list with an agent who uses video.

Here are five easy ideas for working video into your marketing content strategy.

Produce listing promo videos

When a Lighthouse Visuals photographer comes to shoot a home and put together a virtual tour for a listing, it is a small leap from there to produce a video promo. These videos can tease a new listing, walk through a home, or show off a recently sold house. Dramatic shots with a drone flying back from the front door to an overhead view coupled with panoramic scans of the home and neighborhood highlights are sure to compel potential buyers.


Answer frequently asked questions

Videos that address some common questions for first-time homebuyers or people new to your market, for example, are relatively straightforward but provide plenty of value. They showcase your expertise as a real estate agent and provide useful information to those who are generally in need of an agent. Much of this content is evergreen, too.

Show off the highlights of a neighborhood

Are there nearby recreational spots like basketball courts or a soccer field? Does the community have a shared pool? Are there schools within walking or biking distance? What about nearby shopping options? These are all important factors buyers consider when looking at homes. A video showcasing neighborhood highlights is especially impactful for new housing developments.

Offer some homeowner tips

Real estate agents collect many tips and ideas while on the job. Short videos explaining ways to boost curb appeal, what kind of maintenance to perform as seasons change, or how to maximize storage tend to make for evergreen content for websites and social media campaigns.


Give market updates

What does the real estate market look like in your area? These are videos that can be made quarterly, semiannually, or once a year. Breaking down trends and offering insight into the housing market is information valuable to both those looking for a home and those who already own.

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