Aug 12, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

Reaching new clients

6 ways real estate agents can earn more referrals
Ask anyone in real estate and the chances are they will say referrals are the best source of new clients. With business booming, agents need to be doing everything in their power to get people talking about them in order to get more listings.   Here are a few ways real estate agents can earn more referrals.

Be available and easy to communicate with

This one sounds simple. That’s because it is. Just being prompt to answer calls, text messages, and emails can go a long way in helping your clients.

The process can be stressful whether a client is buying or selling a house. There are going to be plenty of questions and concerns along the way — especially for first-time homebuyers. Being known as an agent who is quick with an answer is an important trait.


Be a resource for clients

Sometimes just answering the phone isn’t enough. The best real estate agents know their markets inside and out. They’re able to field any and all questions. They’re also able to provide key insights that help guide people buying and selling a home — both of which are massive decisions in a person’s life.

One way to improve in this area is to work your expertise into your social media strategy. Try hosting a live chat on Facebook or Instagram to answer questions from prospective clients. Another idea is posts centered around frequently asked questions.

Always deliver high-quality service

Going above and beyond in terms of quality is one of the most sought-after attributes in a real estate agent. An entire brand can be built around that as clients will want to feel like they’re getting the best of the best in working with you.

One of the keys to delivering elite content for a listing is to invest in professional photography. It pays for itself in how it helps listings stand out. Services like drone photography and video packages are also proven marketing tools that drive engagement.


Make use of your sphere of influence

Your circle of influence should be your go-to group of people when you need new leads. It should include family and friends, neighbors and others in your community, and online groups.

Once you have your sphere of influence sorted out, create a plan to reach out to them with information about what you do. Let them know you’re a real estate agent. That can be a phone call, email, or a post on social media.

The key is to maintain relationships with those in your sphere. One of the easiest ways to do that is with email campaigns. A once-monthly message with new listings or recently sold homes chock full of photos is an effective way to make sure you’re always on the top of their mind when someone asks them about real estate agents.

Make a plan and set goals

It’s not enough just to regularly reach out to those in your sphere of influence. Setting goals for the number of referrals you’d like to get, and making a plan to reach it will prove beneficial in the long run.

Having a plan and goals for your campaign gives you something to work toward. It’s important to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts. For email campaigns, keep an eye on click-thru rates. Also push for higher engagement numbers on social media, which will allow your posts to reach more people.

And if something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to change course.


Don’t forget why people refer you

At the end of the day, people refer you because you were great!

Buying and selling a house is a stressful endeavor much more often than not. An agent who does everything they can to help that process along is not easily forgotten. Ask yourself: are you doing everything you can for your clients?

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