Dec 29, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

Trying something new

3 outside-the-box real estate marketing ideas for 2022

Real estate marketing trends have moved more and more toward the online space for years now. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated that shift. The key has been and will continue to be for real estate agents to offer useful insight to people looking to buy and sell homes.

The trick now is doing so in creative ways. Standing out will always be the objective in marketing strategies. 

Making use of digital tools like social media isn’t enough anymore. Agents need to come up with new ideas for both content and the clientele to market it to.

Agents should make it a point to try new marketing strategies in 2022. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Offer tips and information — for free

Think about starting a podcast. Consider regular live streaming sessions on Facebook or Instagram. Start a blog or add a section for one to your website. These mediums allow agents to speak directly to an audience looking for questions to be answered. Offering this information at no cost is especially useful in reaching first-time homebuyers.

However, it’s important to distinguish this content as much as possible. The internet is chock full of how-tos on buying and selling a house. Brainstorm content that is local to a market. For instance, are new schools opening, making reassignment a hot topic? Look back at neighborhood trends from the last time school reassignments took place.

Be sure to include a call to action that helps make contacts and generate leads.

Being a reliable source in a market is one of the most valuable traits a real estate agent can have. Offering insightful, useful content will help potential clients find you, then keep coming back to you.

Break the mold with the audience you’re marketing to

In just about every market, the largest demographics will continue to be the largest demographics. Millennials are likely to continue making up a more and more significant chunk of homebuyers. There are plenty of ways for agents to market services to them based on age and recent life events.

Additional clients can be found by thinking outside the box when it comes to the audience you’re marketing yourself to. For example, in more urban areas, more and more friends are going in on buying a house together. In rural areas, extended families are buying large swaths of land or adding to property already owned to create large, multi-generational homesteads.

Another group worth targeting is those who work from home. These homebuyers are looking less for a massive walk-in closet or a certain kitchen layout. Instead, they’re more likely to prioritize a dedicated home office and maybe even a place to set up a home gym. Put out content about building better home offices and maximizing bonus rooms.

Real estate agents can try coming up with a content marketing plan geared toward one of those groups. Monitor the results and amend the strategy as necessary.

Consider changes to your brand

The biggest corporations in the world regularly tweak their brands to keep up with changing business landscapes. Real estate isn’t all that different, regardless if you’re an agent on your own or part of a larger firm.

How has your market changed in the last few years? Has there been an influx of jobs in a certain field? Have you noticed trends shifting toward a certain kind of house or to certain areas of town? 

Use this information to shape how you present yourself and your services as a real estate agent. For example, if you notice an uptick in the number of people relocating to your market for jobs, make sure you’re offering 3-D tours so they can digitally walk through a home since they’re probably not close enough for a traditional open house. 

Also try reaching out to some of your closest past clients for feedback on your branding to get a sense of how it resonates.

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