Feb 16, 2022 | Marketing Ideas

Winning clients on Facebook

Ideas for real estate agents to improve their presence on Facebook

Facebook is a versatile tool for real estate agents to both maintain contact with past clients and reach new ones. Cultivating an informative presence on social media can result in plenty of new leads.

Professional real estate photography is one of the keys to building a Facebook presence with a business page. Much like getting eyes on listings, the first goal for content is to stop people from scrolling. Spectacular photos from listings are the best way to do just that. 

Once they stop scrolling, these photos can elicit the kinds of reactions that help the page’s content appear in front of more eyes. Facebook’s algorithm tries to amplify content that people find engaging. That means a “love” or a “wow” reaction is a bit more valuable than the old-fashioned “like.”

On top of that, comments and discussions should be encouraged. Post a snapshot from a kitchen and ask your audience what their favorite features are. Share stories from satisfied clients. Premier a promotional video from a listing.

And should you choose to take this content and boost it with paid marketing, those campaigns can be designed to target specific audiences. You can focus on age ranges and marital status — two of the most useful filters for real estate marketing.

Facebook is great for more than just sharing photos of new listings. One key to growing a following on a business page is a variety of engaging content. Here are some ideas to mix up what you share.

Ways real estate agents can improve their Facebook marketing

Idea: Go live. Try hosting a question-and-answer session on Facebook Live. Kick it off with some common questions you get from first-time buyers and sellers. Then field some questions from the live audience. You can also host a live walkthrough of a new listing. After the live session is wrapped up, the videos are available to watch on-demand on your page.

Idea: Use graphics to share digestible market statistics. You can use free websites like Pixlr to overlay text on photos from past listings. This is an easy way to make infographics showing the number of sales in a market in the past month or how interest rates are changing. It will take some know-how to make these look professional, but basic graphics can get the job done, too.

Idea: Start a blog on your website and link to it on your Facebook business page. Blogs are great on their own because they improve your website’s search engine optimization. Make sure to then post links to the blogs, promoting them as useful information for buyers and sellers, as a way to get more mileage out of the content.

Idea: Join community groups on Facebook. Community groups often have thousands of people with one of the common purposes being to ask for recommendations. When someone posts in these groups looking for an agent, you want to be at the ready to let them know you’re there! Just be sure not to break any rules about soliciting or advertising.

It sounds simpler than it actually is, but the overarching objective is to share content that’s useful to your audience of clients and potential clients. Growing a following takes time and effort, but pays off in the long run.

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