Aug 25, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

Winning clients on social media

How real estate agents can excel on Facebook, Instagram

The question no longer is “should real estate agents use social media as part of their marketing plan?” It is “how can real estate agents use social media to advance their marketing efforts?”

Well-crafted social media content can reach prospective clients right where they’re looking. Regular use of Facebook and Instagram – two of the biggest platforms – can increase an agent’s reach exponentially.

That’s especially true for agents working with a Lighthouse Visuals photographer. Professional real estate photography ensures agents get the most value out of their campaigns on these heavily visual platforms.

Here’s what real estate agents should know about Facebook and Instagram, along with some tips to get the most from each platform.

Why Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram are the two most popular social media networks. According to Pew Research, 70 percent of adults in the U.S. said they use Facebook daily. Almost 60 percent said they’re on Instagram every day, too.
For agents, these two platforms are incredibly easy to use. Both are user friendly when it comes to producing content. Social media marketing professionals can help execute more complex plans for larger agencies, but solo agents should have no problem running it on their own. Moreover, real estate agents can reach just about every demographic between Facebook and Instagram. According to Pew Research, Instagram’s audiences skew younger while Facebook is more popular among those 50 years and older.

Tips for real estate posts on Facebook

Keep it local: On Facebook, users mostly look for content relevant to their personal lives. Photos from family and friends make up a significant amount of their feeds. Many are also part of community groups. Real estate posts specific to the area – even dialing in on individual neighborhoods – generally prove more useful, and thus tend to be more successful than more general content that casts a wide net.

Use your best photos and video: Multimedia is king on Facebook. Almost two-thirds of people say they’re visual learners, meaning photography is crucial in getting them to stop scrolling through their feeds. Moreover, Facebook’s algorithms reward posts that receive reactions and comments, so using the best multimedia content and encouraging interaction can help your content reach more eyes.

Consider paid advertising: Keywords in posts can help content reach Facebook users searching for it. Paid advertising goes a step further in this regard. It can allow agents to reach users who may be looking to buy or sell a home without them having to search.

Tips for real estate posts on Instagram

Aim for spectacular: Much like on Facebook, agents need content that will stop Instagram users from scrolling through their feeds. Photography services like blue sky replacement and twilight imaging can make all the difference in helping a photo to stand out on a user’s feed or Explore page on Instagram.

Create a carousel: You can put up to 10 photos or video clips in one Instagram post. A user swiping through some photos and maybe a brief video clip of a new listing can grab their attention. Then encourage them to see the full listing for a 3-D walkthrough. More experienced Instagram users can get creative in piecing together wide-angle shots, too. Be sure to share these posts on stories to get some additional eyes on them.

Call to action: It is tougher to get prospective clients to go from Instagram to your listings than it is on Facebook. Instagram posts don’t support links that can be clicked on. Users with a certain number of followers can place links in story posts, but most need to settle on urging people to click a link in their bio. This means the call to action needs to be a bigger focal point. Every post needs to push users to that link that takes them to your site. Give them a reason to want more.

Contact Lighthouse Visuals today to take your social media marketing to the next level. Photography is the backbone of successful campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Lighthouse Visuals’ photographers can deliver the high-quality images that will take your content to the next level.

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