Dec 15, 2021 | Marketing Ideas

Winning over sellers

How to land listings from first-time home sellers

Just about every first-time home buyer eventually becomes a first-time home seller. Winning listings from first-time sellers and doing well can result in a decades-long relationship for a real estate agent.

Like buying for the first time, going through the selling process can be especially daunting in that first run. Sellers want an agent who is knowledgeable, is easy to communicate with, and is well equipped to handle any issues that may come up. 

Here is how real estate agents can first find, then win over first-time home sellers.

Reaching first-time sellers

In 2020, millennials led all age groups in homes purchased, according to a report by Apartment List. Common sense would dictate that those folks, born between 1981 and 1996, will eventually become the leading sellers in the nation, too. 

Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach that demographic. A 2017 report showed more than 60 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 watched live content on social media — a number that’s surely only grown since then. Try hosting Q&A sessions on Instagram Live or Facebook Live to offer insights.

One of the other tried-and-true methods of boosting referrals is by maintaining a sphere of influence. Real estate is a relationship-driven business. Maintaining contact with a group of past clients, friends, family, and others will help make sure your name is top of mind when the need for a real estate agent comes up. 

Keeping up with clients who you helped into their first home is especially important in this case. You’ve already proven you can meet their needs when it comes to finding a house. Make sure you’re the one they turn to when it’s time to sell that home.

Another way to find first-time sellers can be through public records. Data shows that homeowners under the age of 38 stay in their homes for less than eight years. And there are plenty of reasons for this. Getting married, having children, and getting a new job or promotion can all lead homeowners to want to upgrade their living situation.

Sifting through public property records within the last decade can give agents a trove of potential clients. Filter that with other life events, like births or marriage, and you’ll end up with people who tend to be more likely to want to sell their house.

Time to make your pitch

Whether potential clients heard about you through social media or a referral, or you found them via public records, that part makes up only half the battle. 

Now you need to show them in your listing presentation why you’re the best real estate agent for them.

One of the first keys is to get to know the sellers. What made them fall in love with their house? Why are they selling it? What are they looking for in their next home? Then present to them your strengths as an agent. Do your listings tend to sell for higher than the asking price? Are they on the market shorter than the average listing? 

From there, provide them with an analysis of the market and balance that hard data with a story that serves more to pull at their heartstrings. 

If you’re looking for more help nailing your pitch, check out Lighthouse Visuals’ eight steps for mastering the listing presentation!

Reach out to us today for more on how Lighthouse Visuals can help real estate agents earn more business from first-time sellers. 

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