MP Hosting

Matterport Virtual Tour Hosting Explained

Effective as of 10/28/19

I first and foremost want to thank you for trusting us with your career and showcasing your client’s homes. We are thankful for each and every opportunity we have to work with each of you. Thank you! We have built some incredible relationships so far.

Due to changes with Matterport’s terms of services, our virtual tour service provider, we will be required to charge hosting fees on all virtual tours that are created. Matterport has restructured all their subscription plans and has raised our fees with this process. We are keeping our prices the same for our content creation, but will begin charging for hosting for virtual tours that are older than 60 days. 

If you would like to read Matterport’s term of service you can do so here

Hosting fees will work as so:

  1. First 60 days after tour creation are free of charge and no hosting fees will be applied.
  2. After the initial 60 days hosting in order to keep your tour activated we offer three different hosting options

Option 1: $100 for an additional 365 days of hosting
Option 2: $30 for an additional 90 days of hosting  
Option 3: $12.50 for an additional 30 days of hosting

This shouldn’t be an issue and a large majority will not have to pay hosting fees. A bunch of you, that we work with, have the listings sold or under contract within the first 30 days. This completely voids any hosting fees. 

If you do have a buyer or seller that wants to retain their tour for sentimental purposes. We can create a free account where only one tour can be hosted privately. This allows the new owner of the tour to privately hold their virtual tour. It is restricted and cannot be shared or be viewed by the public. 

If you are having the virtual tour done for a listing well before the listing is live, let us know upfront and we can archive it until you need it to go live. The days that the tour is archived will not count towards your days that you are granted for the first 60 days.