Onsite Precautions

Important Request as we deal with the COVID-19 Virus.

In order to ensure the safety of you, your clients and our photographers, we ask that effective immediately, these steps be taken BEFORE our photographer arrives at the property:

  • Property access – ideally done via a lock box, or be at the property BEFORE our provider and let them in with minimal contact. We have told people to no longer shake hands, etc.
  • Have ALL lights turned on and blinds up so our photographer does not have to touch anything. We will be wearing gloves for initial access but may take them off for working.
  • Have all furniture and items in place for shooting – we will not be moving items around and we want to minimize the time inside a house so we can’t spend timing cleaning or doing things other than the job at hand.
  • If you or anyone in the Seller’s household is feeling ill, the shoot will have to be postponed or cancelled.
  • Please have disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer available.

These are crazy times. The Northwest MLS has banned all open houses now. Our tour can help you continue to market the home online in a safe manner 24/7, and hopefully continue those offers coming in. We heard this past weekend in Seattle was robust from an open house perspective and there are still multiple offers.

Life goes on, but we can take these steps to make sure it is safest for all. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Will Preslar, CEO
Lighthouse Visuals