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Video marketing is a key strategy for real estate agents to showcase properties and connect with potential buyers and sellers. According to the National Association of Realtors, 72% of
home buyers use online video when searching for a home.

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What Adding Video Can Do For Your Listings

 Real estate agents that use video receive 403% more inquiries on a listing. Additionally, 83% of homeowners prefer to work with agents who use video marketing. This highlights the potential of video content to generate
leads, increase conversions, and position real estate agents as go-to resources in their local
markets. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook are cost-effective ways to reach a large
audience. It’s important to keep in mind that the videos should look professional and polished,
use good lighting and equipment if you’re not up to the task hire a professional.

Benefits of promoting a listing with a video

✓ Pulls in customers.
✓ Increases Engagement.
✓ Aerial shots provide a more prestigious view of a property.
✓ Videos can be easily shared through text, email, social media.
✓ Easy to embed on your website.

In addition to promoting individual listings, video marketing can also be used to promote the
agent themselves. Agents can create videos that introduce themselves, highlight their
professional experience and accomplishments, and explain the value they can bring to the
process of buying or selling a home. Such personal branding videos can be shared on agents
website, social media platforms, or even during the initial client meeting, allowing them to stand
out from the competition and build a relationship of trust and credibility with their audience.
Additionally, videos can be used to showcase the local market, such as top areas to live in, local
activities, and amenities. This will help potential buyers or sellers to get a sense of the area, and
how it could be beneficial to them.

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