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5 qualities that make an exceptional real estate photographer

Real estate photography is an art form — one that takes years of practice to get a firm handle on. But it takes more than know-how and talent to excel.

At Lighthouse Visuals, we look for a certain kind of person when we bring someone onto our team. We know first-hand that traits like a positive attitude and flexibility will make a good photographer great. 

Here are five qualities that make our photographers the best of the best.

We’re professionals

Lighthouse Visuals’ photographers pride themselves on being professionals in every sense of the word. We show up on time, don’t leave until the job is completed, and return the finished product quickly.

It goes beyond that, though. Our photographers are expected to be experts in their markets. They understand the trends unique to their area and are a resource for real estate agents to lean on.

That know-how extends beyond the photography realm, too. Lighthouse Visuals offers marketing consultations that aim to help real estate agents stand out from their competition.

Get together for an ugly sweater themed happy hour or potluck

Who doesn’t love to get together for a drink or a meal around the holidays? And who doesn’t like an excuse to break out one of those hideous Christmas sweaters?

You can put as little or as much effort into this one as you’d like. It can be as simple as inviting clients to get together and network at a brewery or a bar for some drinks. You can go as far as renting out a space for a happy hour or for a potluck dinner. For a dinner, another option is holding it at one of your listings — so long as the seller is OK with it!

For a bonus, pick up some gift cards to give out to the people who come in the best (or worst!) sweaters.

These occasions are good for real estate agents to keep up contact with past clients and to introduce satisfied customers to prospective clients. Hearing first-hand from a happy homeowner could be more than enough to convince someone to either list their home with you or enlist your help in buying one.

We’re patient and flexible

A lot needs to line up for the perfect photo we want to capture every time we come out to a listing. Lighting is one of the most significant variables. Sometimes the weather won’t cooperate, but our photographers will wait as long as they need to for a break in clouds to get the desired shot. 

We also understand that there are many moving parts in the real estate realm. We know that scheduling conflicts arise at a moment’s notice. We do our best to roll with the punches. Patience and flexibility work in tandem for photographers. We need to be patient in dealing with problems as they arise and flexible so we can figure out the best solutions for our clients.

We’re efficient

You’ll be surprised how quickly the Lighthouse Visuals team works. Once you schedule your shoot, our photographer will be out there as soon as possible. Once our work is done on-site, we turn the photos around within a day. Our editing process is streamlined so that agents can get the finished photos fast enough to compete in a hot real estate industry. 

After that, your content can be uploaded to the MLS and your listing can be activated. Eye-catching photography and 3-D tours will encourage a flood of requests for showings. Expect to get offers almost immediately!

We’re passionate and have positive attitudes

All Lighthouse Visuals photographers share at least one trait in common: a passion for their craft. Each can tell you a different story about falling in love with photography. It’s a dream job for many to be able to call themselves professional photographers.

Photography is often a labor of love. Many photographers spend years in school sharpening their skills, and plenty of practice is needed to reach this point. You can be sure our photographers have that love for what they do. It means they’ll go the extra mile to get the shot that will make buyers fall in love with your listing. 

That passion is infectious, too! A good attitude and general love for what we do is one of the most common pieces of feedback we get. It goes a long way in easing the stress involved in selling a home.

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