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Flying high

How drone photography highlights all kinds of real estate

A property doesn’t need to be oceanfront or in the middle of a busy downtown area to benefit from drone photography. All houses are part of a larger neighborhood and town or city with the areas surrounding them playing a large part in selling it.

Drone photography is unmatched in highlighting everything around a home and what makes its community attractive. With Lighthouse Visuals, that service is included in every package because we know how useful it is to real estate agents and their marketing efforts.

Another reason drone photography is included in all Lighthouse Visuals packages is because we understand that’s what real estate agents are looking for. According to a 2021 report, the majority of agents use drones and more than a third of them hire a professional. Lighthouse Visuals strives to deliver that coveted service at the most affordable price.

The result is an expansive, captivating view of a property and its surroundings. Aerial imagery is proven to add prestige to listings, elevating an agent’s brand so they earn more listings.

Here are some different kinds of properties and how they can benefit from aerial photography.

Drone photography in the city

One of the perks of living in the center of everything in a city is, well, being at the center of everything! Aerial imagery is ideal for highlighting restaurants, office buildings, and stores all within walking distance of a downtown apartment. It can show how close a house is to a college campus.

When it comes to showing potential buyers the area around a home, drone photography is almost a necessity in cities. There’s often too much around at ground level to make it viable for a a photographer standing on two feet to capture everything around the home.

City life is a unique experience. Showing off the bird’s eye perspective will have buyers craving to be right in the middle of everything!

Drone photography in the suburbs

When you’re looking for a home for your family in the suburbs, the location is an important part of the decision. Considerations range from how close schools and parks are to what kind of shopping centers are in the area to how close major roadways are.

There are many aspects of living in a neighborhood worth showing off to people searching for a home. Is there access to a greenway nearby? Is there a community pool? Are there basketball courts or a soccer field nearby?

Part of suburban life is that sense of community. Drone photography shows the house and how it is woven into the world around it, allowing potential buyers to envision how they’ll fit into it.

Drone photography in the rural areas

Sometimes the key to marketing a property is showing what isn’t around. Many people are in the market for real estate in more secluded areas. They want to leave behind the traffic and noise of the city, but also want more land to spread out than typically available in the suburbs.

A home sitting on acres of land can be an attention-grabbing listing. Maybe it backs up to woods that would be good for hunting or has pons nearby for fishing. Drone photography is capable of showing off everything that makes living in the country attractive.

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