Jul 28, 2021 | Services

Leave it to the pros

Biggest benefits to hiring a real estate photographer
The best businessmen know when it’s time to call in an expert. Real estate is no different. If there’s one part of listing a home that you consistently get a massive return on your investment, it’s hiring a professional to handle the photography. Here are the three biggest benefits to hiring a real estate photographer.

Save yourself time and money!

Have you thought about buying your own photography equipment or even just settling with smartphone photos for your listings? High-quality photography requires a hefty investment both in time and money. Skimping on either can end up with your listings looking less professional than you’d like. Equipment alone, even if bought used, can still cost thousands of dollars. Beyond that, photography is so much more than pointing and shooting. There’s a lot of technique involved in capturing a stunning exterior shot that will stop someone as they scroll through listings, or interior pictures that help them imagine how they’ll live in the house. And the work isn’t done when the photo session is. Editing requires its own skill and software to do well. All packages offered by Lighthouse Visuals are more cost-effective than trying to do it on your own. We handle all the photography, virtual mapping, and drone shots. We pride ourselves in doing so at the most affordable price, too.


Elevate your brand and attract high-end clients

A real estate agent’s brand has a significant bearing on the kind of business they attract. Professional photography is one of the simplest and most effective ways to elevate the quality of listings, which helps attract more valuable clients.

There’s a level of prestige required for the most sought-after listings. Simply put, those who get those clients aren’t snapping their own photos from their phones. And not only do top agents use professional photographers, they also take advantage of luxury services like HDR photography and sky replacement.

Going that extra mile to make listings stand out is key in a competitive market. Countless studies show that high-quality photography is consistently something buyers look for.

Photos are usually what people see first when checking out a listing. They have a heavy influence on how you’re perceived as an agent. It’s something worth investing in, especially if you intent on competing for the best listings.


Photography is timeless

There’s not a lot about the real estate business that is certain. Photography is one of the few constants.

Think back to how your parents would have gone about buying their house. Maybe they drove past a home with a for sale sign out front. They would stop and grab a brochure. The information in it – namely the photos of the inside – would help them determine if they’d check out an open house.

The internet has overhauled that entire process, but photography has shown its incredible stopping power. If anything, top-notch photos might be more important now than ever. People are able to scan through exponentially more listings now, and a captivating image can stop them in their tracks.

Being “the agent who works with the great photographer” will continue to be a crucial endorsement.

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