Jan 26, 2022 | Services

New understanding of curb appeal

Why professional photography is key to a listing’s presentation

More and more, curb appeal as we knew it is becoming a thing of the past.

That’s not to say that a home for sale shouldn’t have a tidy front yard with fresh landscaping if it wants to spend fewer days on the market and sell for a better price. But the focus on how the exterior of a house looks isn’t for the same reason it once was, and that focus invited itself indoors, too.

Gone are the days of driving around neighborhoods scouting out for sale signs. Sure, looking at the neighborhood before buying and moving in remains an important part of the process, but almost half of homebuyers said their first move when it came time to look for a house was to head online. A 2020 report from the National Association of Realtors said that an all-time high of 97 percent of buyers used the internet in their search.

Curb appeal — or at least the spirit of curb appeal — still needs to be emphasized, but in different ways. Here is how  professional photography can accomplish that for a listing. 

What is curb appeal now?

Making sure a home for sale is aesthetically attractive from the street has always been a focus of real estate marketing. Nowadays, though, buyers aren’t nearly as likely to find a listing because they drove by it.

They’re instead doing a “drive-by” online. Potential buyers are swiping and scrolling through listings from their phone. Driving by a house never meant much time to grab attention. That window is even smaller when people looking for a house have access to so many listings in the palm of their hands.

Beyond that, this new understanding of what curb appeal once was also applies to the interior of a home. Houses are now open all the time thanks to listing photos and virtual tours. It’s an expectation buyers have now. That exterior shot might be the first one they see and be the attention grabber, but buyers will then immediately check out important spaces like the kitchen, primary bedroom, and living rooms.

Photographing each and every room in a way that captures their attention and imagination is crucial.

Professional photography presents a home in the best possible way

Photos will almost always be the first thing a buyer will see about a house when they’re looking. What it really boils down to is investing in top-notch service. Professional photography means professional materials for your marketing packages.

It’s an investment in every sense because professional real estate photography is proven to sell homes quicker. It’s also a time-saver for agents and sellers. Yes, it is a service that costs money, but it often pays for itself for these reasons. 

Lighthouse Visuals photographers are experienced artists. Their eye for photographing homes allows them to do everything in their power to help sellers and agents present a property in the best possible light. It boils down to a passion for photography, the work they do, and creating value for sellers and agents. 

Real estate is a world that is constantly evolving. Our understanding of what curb appeal may mean these days is only one mindset that is shifting.

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