Mar 2, 2022 | Services

The gold standard

How Matterport virtual tours boost real estate sales

Visuals are the bedrock for a marketing package that helps real estate agents sell more homes and improve their business. Few visual tools are as powerful as Matterport virtual tours, which are a specialty for Lighthouse Visuals. 

The internet is so often the first place people look when buying a home and is the most frequently used tool in searching for real estate. In fact, more people now more than ever are buying homes without ever setting foot in them, and virtual tours are a reason why.

According to a 2021 National Association of Realtors report, the vast majority of buyers say their first move is to look at properties online. Checking listings online was the first step for 43 percent of buyers. The next most popular first step was to contact a real estate agent, which less than 20 percent said they did.

More than half of all buyers in 2021 said they found the home they bought online. That includes 60 percent of buyers in the key 22-30 and 31-40 age demographics. 

Visual tools are essential in real estate marketing. Photos continue to be the most popular as the NAR report said 89 percent of buyers deemed them “very useful” in their search process. Virtual tours (58 percent) and floor plans (67 percent) made up two more of the top-five most useful website features for a property listing. 

Why are virtual tours preferred by buyers?

All these statistics serve to show that visuals are the most important tool for marketing homes online. Among the most powerful of these are virtual tours.

Being able to take a 3D tour of a home was a trend on the upswing, and the COVID-19 pandemic put it into overdrive. For the past two years, buyers needed a way to be able to see a home remotely. There are no signs that this behavior change will cool off. 

The reasons why virtual tours are preferred are easy to understand. Photos are essential for marketing a home for sale, but they have their limitations. A 3D tour allows potential buyers to see each room in a home from every angle. Blazing hot markets mean buyers want to have the most information available to them. These are also perfect for people relocating to booming areas we cover like the Triangle, Charlotte, and the Triad.

Why agents should want virtual tours for their listings

A pre-pandemic study by the University of Iowa found that homes with 3D tours closed at prices 2 percent higher than those that didn’t have them. It also said that agents who used them in their marketing packages sold more homes than agents who didn’t. Both of those mean more commission earnings.

An interesting finding was that listings with virtual listings could spend 6 percent more time on the market. 

“One of the explanations for greater time on the market could be that virtual tours elicit greater interest from potential buyers, leading to more visits from them,” University of Iowa business analytics professor Guatam Pant said. “So the increased interest from the buyers might then make the sellers more confident and increase their willingness to wait for better offers.”

The study also suggested that real estate agents who used virtual tours appeared more professional. By elevating their brand, real estate agents are more likely to earn more desirable listings. Again, that could mean more money. 

Why Matterport virtual tours are the gold standard

Matterport 3D tours capture a home with the most precision and detail possible. Offering that to potential buyers is like giving them the keys to a 24/7 virtual open house.

Matterport 3D tours are proven as one of the most engaging components of a real estate marketing package. Think about it — buyers virtually navigating a listing are spending more time on the page than if they’re only swiping through photos and glancing at a floorplan. Embedding them on a website is also beneficial for search engine optimization.

For agents, a selling point is how user-friendly the tours are. They’re easily shared on the MLS, social media, and email. Even viewers with limited technology experience will find them easy to navigate. 

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