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The perfect picture – easily

How virtual twilight photos can sell more homes faster
Real estate photography is all about presenting a property in the best light possible. Agents can take that literally in some ways. Virtual twilight imaging presents a home in a timeless, imaginative way that is sure to make it stand out among other listings.

What is virtual twilight photography?

Virtual twilight imaging is a post-production service offered by Lighthouse Visuals that helps show what a home looks like during the perfect sunset. Photo editing software is used to show how the property looks at dusk. The bold blue skies with wisps of red- or purple-hued clouds stand out among a litany of daytime photos. The warmth of the home’s interior and exterior lights are contrasted by the coolness of darker colors in the sky and lingering daylight. The end product is a photo that is oftentimes more eye-catching and imaginative than daytime images.

What are the benefits of virtual twilight photography?

A key benefit of virtual twilight imaging as opposed to photographing the real deal is how much easier the process is for real estate agents and sellers. There’s a tight window when it comes to capturing these kinds of photos at sundown and many of the variables involved – namely weather – are out of everyone’s control. The virtual nature removes much of the hassle and the uncontrollable variables. There’s no waiting on the sun to set with fingers crossed that the clouds look just right. The photographer isn’t burdened with capturing the perfect shots in a small timeframe. And the end product looks authentic. The base photos are the actual home. The only changes made by Lighthouse Visuals’ post-production experts are to lighting and shadows. That means that the finished product isn’t overly edited.

Does virtual twilight photography sell more houses?

Harry Parson put it best in a blog written for the National Association of REALTORS: “A picture is worth a thousand words, and if you have bad photographs of your listing, it tells a thousand bad stories.”

In that blog, Parson wrote about a listing that had been lingering on the market for more than a year. He said poorly lit and composed photography was one of the main issues, so Parson focused on revamping the home’s online presentation.

Virtual twilight imaging was one of the main ways that was accomplished.

The result, Parson wrote, was the home selling less than a week after the new photos were put online. It sold for $20,000 over the listing price, too.

Virtual twilight photography saves time and energy for real estate agents. Anecdotal evidence shows it can be a gamechanger for marketing efforts. Contact Lighthouse Visuals today to talk about how we can create these images for you.

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