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Most desirable home features of 2022 and how to best highlight them

A new year is upon us! As time passes, homeowners and their tastes will evolve. Trends in real estate change regularly. The best agents have a keen sense of observation that helps them pick up on shifts as they happen. 

Some of those shifts have been sent into overdrive because of the pandemic. Many people have been spending more time working from home in the past two years. Others have been re-assessing priorities. It’s led to changes in lifestyles, and thus changes in what people want in a home.

Here are some of the most desirable house features in 2022 and what real estate photography services can best highlight them.

Open-concept kitchen and living room

One of the biggest trends in real estate in the last few years has been an open kitchen that overflows into a living room area. The center of the space is often a large kitchen island with plenty of counter space being one of the selling points of the home. 

Other desirable features in this area are an abundance of cabinet storage, a walk-in pantry, a large space for a dining table, and a fireplace in the living room.

These kinds of areas are oftentimes the most important to accentuate. The kitchen is often called the heart of a home. There and the living room are where people end up spending plenty of time relaxing, entertaining, and more.

The best way to highlight an open-concept kitchen and living room is with a 3D virtual tour. This allows the buyer to pick different spots in the space and view the entire area from any vantage point. It will hammer home the openness of the two rooms in a way that no other service can.

Extra spaces for a home gym or home office

Bonus rooms can make all the difference for some buyers. Many people have been spending a lot more time at home since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Working from home has become a desirable trait in job postings.

Because of this, when people are looking at homes to buy, many are drawn to bonus rooms and the possibilities they present. They imagine setting up a weight bench and stationary bike in large garages and office spaces in a room at the front of the house. This is especially true for those looking to move into a larger “forever home.” They want to make the most out of all their spaces, and thus their investment.

The best service we offer for spotlighting bonus spaces is virtual staging. This post-production offering allows our editing staff to take an empty room and virtually fill it in with furniture and decorations. For example, sellers can take an open loft space on the second floor and show how perfectly a desk and bookshelf could turn the area into an office.

Luxurious outdoor living

More and more homebuyers seem to be drawn to more luxurious outdoor amenities. Small porches with space for a grill and a few seats just aren’t enough for many people anymore. 

Pools and hot tubs have always been desirable in backyards. Beyond those, more people are seeking out larger porches that are either screened in or covered. Features we expect to gain traction in 2022 include outdoor TVs and entire outdoor kitchens. Firepits will continue to be a go-to focal point in these areas.

Promotional videos are one of the best ways to highlight these features. Cinematic footage is best for captivating buyers looking for a home. Video also highlights outdoor spaces better than most other services. It also makes for some of the most engaging marketing content available

Photography is a tried-and-true, timeless marketing tool for all aspects of a listing. It will continue to be the bread and butter of marketing packages. These other services mentioned only serve to better underscore desirable aspects of a home while also improving an agent’s brand.

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