Sky Impurities are No Longer a Problem

Photography shoots are scheduled in advance, so predicting the weather for that day could be a coin toss. Generally approaching a day of rain, real estate agents will tend to cancel and reschedule their photoshoots. But, what if we could tell you that we offer additional services to help with the inconvenience of weather. Lighthouse Visuals offers blue sky replacement that will show a bright, sunny day with a few fluffy clouds in the atmosphere. Or, for nighttime scenes, a twilight sky can be added during post-production.

Marketing Goals

“On the day this photo was taken, it was drizzling. Our editing team added virtual dusk and a fire-like sunset in the background to make this a twilight image. The windows were then lit and lights were added to the pool and the dock. A fire pit was also added to the back with a fire burning in it. It was unbelievable how great it looked!” – Joseph Whichard, Marketing Content Advisor for the Triangle Area

Marketing is how you sell. The product you are selling has to look better than all of the rest. A listing has to grab the attention of homebuyers. Photos with a dynamic contrast captures the attention of buyers. This gives the photo a “wow” factor. A vibrant blue sky with some pure white clouds will pop right off the screen.

Lighting can be tricky to manage. It could be getting ready to rain when it’s time to shoot. Remnants of a morning fog can leave a bit of a haze in the sky around the home. It could even be something as minute as clouds being darker than you would like.

Portraying The Perfect Home Lifestyle

Another important marketing goal for real estate photography is to convey a home’s lifestyle. Sky replacement can help accomplish that. Imagine a home has a deck in the backyard with a fire pit near the center of the yard. An image showing the backyard during the early evening helps potential buyers imagine themselves relaxing on a weekend night. 

Sky replacement technology simply makes life easier for agents. Sky replacements are part of the reason why we can start and finish a session in a fraction of the time. Agents do not have to lose time by waiting with a photographer until the weather cooperates. Time is money that is why our team works to make our services as time efficient as possible. Through the lens, we can capture the aspects that makes the listing desirable, then touch up the aesthetics afterward.