Our clients safety and convenience is our company’s number one priority when combatting the COVID-19 outbreak. We have been caring for our Lighthouse Visuals Community by taking the following proactive steps to help ensure our clients are being provided with the upmost quality of care. The following steps are implemented to ensure agents, homeowners, and our team work in a safe and healthy environment.

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  1. As a company as a whole, we are requiring all Lighthouse Visuals photographers to wear face coverings, the regular and consistent use of hand sanitizer, frequent hand-washing, practicing proper social distancing when onsite, and frequent cleaning off any and all equipment.
  2. All Lighthouse Visuals team members have been supplied with custom Lighthouse Visuals face coverings and disposable gloves to use onsite.
  3. Any Lighthouse Visuals team members who do not feel well are asked to stay home until they feel well and to restrain from interaction with other colleagues or clients.

How can I help the Lighthouse Visuals Community as an agent?

Our team is frequently asked, “how can I help?” from our trusting clients. Here are a few proactive steps to help ensure a healthy and safe work environment on the agents side.

  1. Refrain from being onsite during photoshoots to limit unnecessary personal interaction. Our photographers are working hard caring for our Lighthouse Visuals community and can perform the shoot in a professional expert manner without your attendance.
  2. If homeowners are in attendance, we ask that they wear a face covering to help ensure both the safety of our photographers and the homeowners. During photoshoots, it is preferred that the homeowners be out of sight, so our photographers can perform their job fast and efficiently.
  3. We urge property owners to clean and disinfect the property prior to the photographers arrival. This not only helps protect our photographers, but will make their home look fantastic in photos!
  4. Our team will turn on lights, adjust blinds, and turn off fans while inside the property, but other than that there will be minimal touching of other items. Unless an item is blocking a view or the walkway of a photographer all items will be left alone in the interest of everyone’s safety.

If you have any questions or concerns about the proactive steps implemented, please feel free to contact us!