3D Virtual Tours offer access to buyer and peace of mind for sellers.

Virtual tours have been an effective tool for real estate agents for some time now. Their usefulness for realtors has been highlighted during the coronavirus pandemic and all the uncertainty it has brought. 

North Carolina’s real estate market moves at a rapid pace — even during a pandemic. Tools like 3-D virtual tours and professional photography from Lighthouse Visuals offer convenience for homebuyers and peace of mind for sellers. 

Just about every buyer will want to step into a house before making an offer. Still, during the search process, the ability to virtually tour a home cannot be understated. A potential buyer, upon finding a listing, can move room-by-room through a house — all from the convenience of their phone or laptop.

Those same folks can come back and look at your listing over and over again. They can envision how to layout a bedroom or a living room, imagine themselves cooking dinner in the kitchen, or fantasize about a summer cookout in the backyard. It’s that kind of access that nourishes the excitement that drives the experience of looking for a new home!

Sellers get the peace of mind of offering a remote open house that’s available 24/7. A tool like this has never been as important as it is now. Anxiety and uncertainty remain even as the world slowly opens up and returns to a sort of normalcy. 

Finally, 3-D mapping a home is quick and simple. Lighthouse Visuals uses Matterport software to make 360-degree maps of each room of a house. It takes 60 to 90 minutes to map 3,500 square feet. The online 3-D tours are user friendly as all buyers need to do is click or tap their way to navigate the home.

There isn’t a lot about the real estate world that’s convenient, whether you’re buying or selling. This is! The access this service provides benefits homebuyers while removing a bit of stress that can come with selling a home. These advantages are universal to markets like the Outer Banks, growing cities like Raleigh and Charlotte, the more rural communities in eastern North Carolina, and everything in between.