Professional photographs take your marketing portfolio to the next level. Agents use quality photographs, virtual tours, and videos to attract buyers and distract them from competitors. Quality photos help with the heavy lifting of selling a home.

Even then, professional images can help with selling the next listing more than the current.

Prepping the Home is Key!

Photographers photograph up to ten jobs a day, so having a home photoshoot ready is imperative. Photographers have a set time to come in and capture the home along with all of the details. They need to worry about lighting and angels, rather than cleaning up and preparing the home. If the client has the home prepared prior to the scheduled job, then we can go in and produce fantastic images!

How Exteriors affect Interiors

High-Dynamic Range (HDR) photography creates a clear image. In these images, you can see outside of the windows exposing the exterior views within your interior photos. Be sure to have a clean and well put together exterior prior to your scheduled shoot. This includes but is not limited to: toys, cars, trash cans, patio furniture, etc.

During the Photoshoot

If we have not worked with you before, then we would like to speak with you about your expectations. We want to make sure we are on the same page and understand expectations. Throughout the shoot we explain what we are doing and why we select the photos that we do. Photographers ask that homeowners stay out of the way during the shoot, because they do not want reflections or bodies in the photos.