North Carolina, from Murphy to Manteo, has some of the most diverse landscapes in the United States. Its geographical features, from mountains to beaches and everything in between, are all stunning in their own way. Drone video and photography highlight those features and what they add to a real estate listing better than about any tool.

Aerials can give a better view of many features of a home’s exterior and the surrounding areas better than traditional photography. There are some shots that can only be achieved using a drone.

Lighthouse Visuals uses drones to create professional, powerful marketing tools for real estate. Here is how aerial imagery can be used to highlight prestigious features while boosting engagement and adding a degree of transparency to listings.

Bringing attention to the exterior

The majority of marketing for a house is concentrated on the interior. Still, using overhead imagery to bring attention to landscaping, yard space, and other outdoor features can set apart a listing.

Geography varies across North Carolina. At the beach, drone video and photos can be used to show off proximity to the water. A bird’s eye view of a rural area in eastern North Carolina can demonstrate the amount of privacy offered by the distance between homes. Houses in more urban areas like Raleigh and Durham might want to promote how close they are to shopping and schools.

Overhead images also provide transparency by showing the condition of the home’s exterior — namely the roof. Homebuyers want an agent they can trust. Showing them as much as possible can only help develop confidence. 

Make your listing tell a story

Lighthouse Visuals offers a number of products that aim to make listings breathtaking. Few accomplish that like a professionally filmed and edited video.

Drone video provides a cinematic, prestigious view of a house. It can begin by showing the front of a home from the street, which is almost always a better vantage point than an image taken from standing in the driveway. It can then take a 360-degree trip around the house to show the exterior from different angles, before showcasing the backyard. A high-angle overhead shot can sum up the areas around the home. Seeing the drone move either toward or away from the front door can make the viewers feel like they are entering or leaving.

These short promotional videos are the most powerful tools for engagement. People can scroll through images without paying much attention, but a film pulls them in. Greater engagement leads to greater sales. Videos are easily shared and embedded on websites, too.

Numbers don’t lie

Agents who use these eye-catching images in their marketing get more listings and sell homes faster.

RISMedia cites MLS statistics that say homes with aerial images sold 68 percent faster than homes with standard images. The National Association of REALTORS also noted that 73 percent of homeowners claim they’re more likely to list with an agent who uses video when marketing a home. 

Currently, drone usage can help a listing stand out, but those numbers show that aerial images are becoming more of the norm.