Lighthouse Visuals works diligently to provide you with the best services on the market. That being said, if you have pets living in your listing, here are a few cautionary steps we recommend, to ensure you get the best marketing materials out of your appointment!

1. Let us know beforehand about pets

There is no shame or need to worry when it comes to pets! Our team of photographers are happy to work around pets. However, it is helpful to know beforehand that there will be pets present. Our photographers will be sure to accommodate the client’s pet’s needs and make adjustments.

2. Keep pets contained in a safe area

Our team asks that all animals are to be contained or removed from the home during appointments. It is safer and less stressful for both ends.

3. Have all toys and accessories put away upon arrival

All items should be put away prior to the photography appointment. Keeping the number of items out during the photoshoot will provide a neat appearance for your marketing materials.

4. Clean up

Our team always recommends a cleaned home upon arrival to ensure you get the best quality imagery from your appointment. Furthermore, with pets it is important to focus on stains, hair, and messes. They can come off as unappealing to some buyers.

5. Repair or Touch up

Repair or touch up any small damages to keep the buyers from being distracted. Help to make sure all repairs or clean ups are completed both indoors and outdoors, prior to your appointment.