Marketing Content Advisor: Tyler Mcleod

Market of the Month is Greenville, NC! The Marketing Content Advisor for the Greenville Market is Tyler Mcleod. He has worked with LHV for a little over 1.5 years. He specializes in the video department, he learned videography first, but learning photography as well helped him to understand videography a lot more.

Most Popular Package for the Market of the Month:

His most popular package in the Greenville Market of the Month is the virtual tour/photo package. Recently he has been getting clients to switch over to the HDR Photography.

What makes Greenville, NC, the Market of the Month unique?

“What’s unique about this market is this is where LHV was born. We started here in Greenville 3 years ago and have now expanded to 10 different markets. Without the success of Greenville we may not be where we are today”

– Tyler Mcleod