Photography is crucial to selling real estate, especially during this time. Markets are hot again and the demand for real estate photography is increasing. This is FANTASTIC news for photographers, but there is competition. That is why, Lighthouse Visuals is the team for you. Our team offers support, demand, and stability to each and every member.

Equipment for Markets

Each market is provided with training and equipment. Each photographer needs a reliable camera, drone, and Matterport Camera. Furthermore, team members will use their equipment to provide quality services to their markets. Cameras are great for HDR photography, interior, and exterior photography. While drones capture aerial, exterior photos and videos. Matterport Cameras are the most important aspect. Virtual tours are one of our most popular services, so the demand is high.

Aerial Photography is taking off in all of the markets. They provide a view of the area encompassing the listing.

Finding the Perfect Angle

Finding the perfect angle takes both time and precision. Always ask relators what important aspects they would like to be highlighted. Generally, they want special features such as kitchens and pools to be highlighted.


Arrive to the home 30 minutes prior to examine the home. Watch out for the heat of the day hours due to harsh lighting. Along with harsh lighting, also check for rain and daily weather reports!