Trusting Clients,

As we all approach the midyear, the Lighthouse Visuals team would like to give our clients a gracious thank you. A “thank you” for trusting our company with your time, finance, and namesake throughout this curveball of a year. 

Real estate business does not stop during a pandemic. It can’t stop, especially now that home has taken on more meanings — like workspace — for so many people. The industry, despite many restrictions to contend with, has had to change the way it operated. Agents have come to rely on the use of 3-D virtual tours and online media to market their listings. The use of virtual mapping services has skyrocketed over the past few months.

Our company has worked endlessly to fill a void left by the numerous restrictions and health concerns cast upon the real estate industry. Virtual media has become a necessity in everyday life. The world around us is constantly changing, creating new norms, but there is one thing you don’t have to worry about: Lighthouse Visuals will always stay up to date on everything. We will continue to shape our business to the needs of our clients.

Finally, we want to thank you for your trust in our company! The COVID-19 pandemic has meant fear and anxiety for many. We are here to constantly serve our clients nothing but top quality from our numerous services, and we always strive to do so with safety in mind. Your faith in us is what keeps us moving forward during these uncertain times.