3D Virtual tours will remain an essential tool well after pandemic

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper put a pause on the state’s reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic just as we all were gearing up for the third phase. It won’t be until at least July 17 that we take that next step toward getting back to normal.

There will be new normals that come from coronavirus. For many businesses, virtual spaces like Zoom calls could very well remain favorable to in-person conference calls. Many people may continue to work from home. 

Many changes will come to the real estate world, too, as much of the adapting done now may show to have staying power. Sellers who are thriving during uncertain times brought on by COVID-19 may be finding that 3-D virtual tours are one of their most important tools while so many people either can’t leave their homes or don’t feel safe doing so.

The mantra during Phase Two in North Carolina has been “safer at home.” Being able to virtually tour a house from a phone or computer is objectively the safest way to find your next home. The tool helps keep sellers safe, too, by limiting the number of people who visit a house. 

Sellers able to provide this option have a distinct advantage now. Logic dictates virtual mapping will remain favorable long after the pandemic clears. 

Convenience and efficiency are why buyers will continue to favor online 3-D tours. They don’t have to leave the comfort of their current house to find their next one! The technology, available to them 24/7, allows them to narrow down their options and then share their favorites easily and on their own time.

For sellers, nothing can match the 24/7 access provided by a virtual tour.

We previously wrote about how Lighthouse Visuals uses 3-D mapping to provide unparalleled access that gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind during uncertain times. Peace of mind isn’t something that is coveted only during events like a pandemic. Being able to provide a room-by-room walkthrough of a home is a tool that will continue to set listings apart well after the coronavirus subsides. Virtual tours are an effective way for agents to elevate their brand and bolster client confidence. 

Lighthouse Visuals uses Matterport software to create 3-D maps of a home. It lets potential buyers navigate the house, room-by-room, simply by clicking or tapping. It takes us just 60 to 90 minutes to map 3,500 square feet.