Our first Photographer Spotlight is on: Justin Whitt, he is a Lighthouse Visuals representative for Carteret County and the Crystal Coast. He has worked with Lighthouse Visuals for more than two years. His love for using photos and videos to convey a home to potential buyers actually evolved from his excitement to explore the world outside of those houses.

Whitt’s passion for photography stems from his love for nature and the outdoors. His enthusiasm for capturing the raw beauty of waterside scenes is one reason he’s been able to spearhead Lighthouse Visuals’ growth in Carteret County.

“As I was going out to watch moonrises and sunsets and all that stuff, I just realized, ‘Man, I want to capture this.’ I was taking photos with my camera phone,” Whitt said. “It just kind of dawned on me one day: ‘Man, I would really love to capture this.”

Sunrises and sunsets may not be the subject of his work with Lighthouse Visuals, but they have made for stunning backdrops that illuminate one of the key features of life in Carteret County.

Whitt’s relationship with photography has been symbiotic. His love for nature first introduced him to the art form, which in turn drove him to further investigate the world around him.

“As I got into it, it pushed me to explore more. It pushed me to be outside more chasing moments of good light,” Whitt said. “That’s definitely what I loved about it when I first got into it.”

Whitt displays a lot of his work on social media, which is how he ended up with Lighthouse Visuals. He said there was a belief that his talents with still life and landscape photography would translate well to the real estate realm. 

That belief was spot on. Whitt quickly grew into one of the company’s most reliable photographers. He attributes his acumen for photography to both the coastal setting and the community where he works.

“What I’ve enjoyed the most is the beach. I’m working in a section of the state where you can’t really throw a rock without hitting a body of water. There’s the ocean on one side, (and) you’ve got the sound and a lot of rivers and marshes,” Whitt said. “It’s the beauty of it and the natural beauty, but also the community that I serve. I’ve met so many amazing people in Carteret County.”

Focusing on his photography is another aspect Whitt said he loves about working for Lighthouse Visuals. He is able to devote himself to his craft because he has a team to handle editing work and he no longer has the tax concerns that come with being an independent contractor. 

“When you join Lighthouse, not only is it a great opportunity to do what you love to do and make a good living doing it, but it also frees you up from the financial worries and the business side of things,” he said. “It allows you to just show up and shoot and really be a photographer.”

Contact Justin Whitt if you are interested in his real estate photography and videography services in Carteret County. If you are a photographer and are interested in joining our team, please reach out to us. Connect with Us to see our next Photographer Spotlight!