Preparation and attention to detail are keys to eye-catching imagery

Real estate photography and 3-D mapping, when done right, can be the most important marketing tools for selling a home. They allow potential homebuyers to see a house whenever and wherever they want.

That stunning exterior drone photo will capture eyes. Before they realize it, potential buyers will be imagining themselves making dinner in the kitchen, hosting friends and family in the backyard, or how they’re going to arrange the bedroom. Then it isn’t long until conversations about making an offer start to happen!

The key to making sure it’s done right is putting the time and effort into preparation. Based on our experience at Lighthouse Visuals, here are the tips we have for getting the most out of a home’s photoshoot. 

One week out: Clean and organize

Preparing for a photoshoot is like getting ready for an open house. The first step is making sure everything is sparkling clean. Take a spring cleaning approach: mop floors, scrub counters and baseboards, clean bathrooms, address any marks on walls, and so on. We offer premium photography services. Cleanliness is integral to highlighting all the exceptional aspects of a home. 

Staging can be trickier, so be sure to take the time to consider how to arrange rooms. What about the home do you want to showcase? These are considerations that can’t be rushed.

Take out anything that could draw too much attention or doesn’t fit in. Photography and 3-D mapping are most effective when they highlight a space, so try to avoid anything that takes away from that. Clutter should be minimized, but magazines, books, and flowers can all add to presentation.

Finally, ideas should be communicated to the photographers. Our staff has loads of experience and an eye for beauty, so let us help however we can!

The day of: Details make the difference

The smallest details can make or break a photoshoot. Get to the house at least 30 minutes before the photographers and begin by going through each space and opening all blinds and drawing all curtains. Natural light is a photographer’s best friend! 

Store any excess clutter. Paper towels don’t need to be out near the kitchen sink, but hand towels in the bathrooms may be a nice touch. Toilet seats should be down. Put away anything lying around in the backyard and make sure the garden hose is tidily wound up. Out front, trash and recycling bins should be out of view and it’s best if there are no cars in the driveway.

Jot down any questions or concerns and bring them up to your photographers. Let their experience be put to use. Also, this is their art and they want photos and 3-D tours to come out breathtaking almost as much as sellers do!

By putting in the time to follow these tips, you can be sure that your listing will stand out above the rest!