The 2020 pandemic has cost millions of people their jobs. So, you may be wondering, who are your potential buyers? Obviously, people who have jobs or have saved money.

People who still hold positions in their place of work are having to telecommute. The pandemic has turned the both the job market and home-lives upside down.

Most offices have told their employees to not expect to come back to the office until 2021-even then, will we ever return to normal?

Jobs are no longer holding individuals to one location. People are now moving from their ‘prime’ work real estate locations to areas in which they would want to live.

How to market to your potential buyers

It is easy: online.

Online marketing reaches wider audiences. With so many people stuck at home, it is perfect for reaching interested buyers. While people are at home stressed by the amount of people at home 24/7 now. They will begin to think, “My home might be smaller than we think.” With this happening, people will begin looking for homes that fit their ‘new’ normal.

Now, you have to gear your listings to the new expectations of your potential buyers. Buyers are looking for space, to move from small city spaces.

A perfect way to highlight your listings is through real estate photography, virtual tours, and videography. Lucky for your Lighthouse Visuals offers all of these services.