When you own a property, you want to attract the best potential tenants. The best way to attract quality tenants is to provide quality marketing content. Potential tenants are searching through many competitors to find their rental. Make your rental property their main focus.

Rental Property Marketing does not need cell phone images.

Marketing content varies throughout different markets. Although, we are seeing majority of sales agents using professional photography companies. To attract an influx of tenants willing to pay top dollar monthly rental values, then you need professional imagery. The era of low-quality imagery is in the past. Now is the time to make the switch to professional imagery.

Rental agents, we’re sorry, but cell phone pictures aren’t doing it anymore.

How can a professional photographer help with rental property marketing?

Lighthouse Visuals photographers are trained with skills and the gear needed to overcome unpleasant obstacles. They worked to fix poor lighting to ensure every room looks exceptional. Tenants want a realistic view of a room that will capture their attention. An experienced real estate agents knows what to look for and create content that fits your narrative.

Virtual Staging

Another way you can update your marketing content is through virtual staging. Photographers can add furniture to an empty home or cover eye-sore furniture. It’s a great way to not only hide previous owners furniture, but to also show off how much furniture the room can hold. This gives the buyer an idea of what the space is capable of. It’s hard to picture a home that is empty as your own!