Real Estate Photography is the meat and potatoes of marketing.

What’s Happening in real estate photography? Real estate photography is essential in the real estate world. Phone photography is out and professional photography is in. Professional photography gives buyer’s a clear image of the listing. Photographers capture essential angles and produce quality work. As agents, it is nice to provide sellers with professional images that they can keep. Many homes hold emotional value to the sellers, so providing them with images that they can keep will create a great relationship. Great relationships lead to referrals and trust. Although real estate photography may seem as an ‘extra expense’, it helps to sell homes faster and efficiently.

Furthermore, what’s happening in real estate photography is that virtual tours are taking the market by storm. Virtual tours allow buyer’s to view the listing from the comfort of their home, share with anyone, and view whenever. Along with that, Lighthouse Visuals provides affordable virtual tour packages. Packages include a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour, interior/exterior photography, and aerial photography at no additional price.

Another trending service is HDR photography. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, images give viewers a clear image as if they were in the room. Our team specializes in HDR photography and recommend the service to our clients. Moreover, the images can be saved to be printed in the future.