Our camera can see everything that a person walking around can see, so the entire area must be prepped for the virtual tour in the same way. Technically, you are showing the house to all of your potential buyers at once. It’s amazing how often agents miss sales due to a poorly staged property. Don’t let that be you!

Please prepare for our technician by following the virtual tour prep checklist below.

✓ Remove all vehicles from the driveway and park far from the property.
✓ Place trash cans and extra loose items out of sight.
✓ Straighten up any outdoor items or furniture.
✓ Mow the lawn and remove all weeds from the property and driveway.
✓ Remove all extraneous or inappropriate signage or items.
✓ Inform all people in the home to be out of the working area at all times.

Store your removed items inside of closets, cabinets or another area that won’t be exposed during the 3D scan.

✓ Turn all of the lights on, including all lamps, under counter lights and even stove lights.
✓ Remove and replace all old or burned out bulbs.
✓ Open the drapes and blinds on windows in any rooms with a good view.
✓ If the blinds are down, make sure they are all equally angled open.
✓ Conceal extension cords and unplug them from the wall if needed (except lights).
✓ Turn all televisions off, or put the television to a single image screen.
✓ Remove any extra clutter.

In conclusion, a clean house will look much better online than a dirty house. Putting in the extra effort into staging and preparing the house for our arrival will produce better images. A better online representation will hopefully create a faster sale at a higher than expected price!