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HDR Real Estate Photograhy

HDR Photography

Real Estate Photography

HDR Real Estate Photograhy

HDR photography combines multiple exposures to create a single image with rich detail and balanced lighting, revealing the property’s best features.

Free Drone photography with every listing. Pricing by home sqft:

-$165/Listings up to 3,500sqft 
-$220/Listings 3,500-5,000sqft
-$256/Listings 5,000-7,500sqft
-$325/ Listings 7,500-10,000sqft
-Call for price/Listings over 10,000sqft

HDR photography in real estate enhances details in both bright and dark areas of a property, producing high-quality images that are visually appealing and versatile across various media.

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Experience The HDR Difference

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HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a transformative technique in photography that merges multiple exposures of the same scene. This means capturing the truest colors and contrasts of a property, ensuring that bright areas aren’t washed out and dark spaces retain their detail.

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What's Inside Our HDR Photography Service

We combine cutting-edge technology with artistic expertise to deliver photos that are rich in detail and color. 

Interior photograph of a real estate listing

High-definition interior images, showcasing intricate details and true-to-life colors for a vivid portrayal of each space.

Transport buyers into your properties with the power of video. Our immersive real estate video tours ignite emotions and create lasting memories of home.

Crisp and clear exterior photographs that highlight the property’s architecture and integrate its surrounding landscape.

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Aerial photographs providing a unique perspective, emphasizing the property’s layout, size, and its relation to the surrounding area.

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A dedicated online showcase, featuring rich visuals and comprehensive details, tailored to highlight each property’s unique appeal.

Ditch the dull! HDR breathes life into your real estate photos, showcasing every texture and architectural wonder. Attract top dollar with captivating visuals.
No more harsh shadows or blown-out highlights. HDR balances every ray of light, revealing your property's true beauty in stunning detail.
Step into the homes you sell. HDR immerses viewers in the warmth, serenity, and spaciousness of your listings, sparking immediate interest.
Showcase the grandeur of high-end spaces with HDR's unmatched clarity and depth. Highlight every exquisite detail and attract discerning buyers.
Increase Your Reputation As An Agent

Elevate Your Brand and Amplify Referrals

No more harsh shadows or blown-out highlights. HDR balances every ray of light, revealing your property's true beauty in stunning detail.

Professional images serve as a cornerstone for your personal brand, defining a visual standard that instills trust and admiration among your clients. 

Reach More People Online

Sell Faster, Sell Higher: Unforgettable Real Estate Photography

Invest in the best and see the difference. Our stunning HDR photos showcase your listings in their best light, maximizing online engagement and driving faster sales.

Textured Paradise: HDR Breathes Life into Every Tile of Your Kitchen
HDR Invites Warmth into Your Sunroom Oasis
HDR Transports You into This Cozy Bedroom’s Story
Unveil the Hidden Jewels: HDR Reveals Architectural Wonders in Your Living Space
Modern Marvels: HDR Showcases the Sleek Lines of Your Contemporary Home
Beyond the Walls: HDR Captures the Essence of Home – Inviting Spaces
Get Better Listings & Faster Sales

Why Choose A Professional Photographer For Your Listings

Properties with professional photos not only stand out in crowded listings but also command higher interest, often translating into quicker sales and potentially higher selling prices.

HDR goes beyond bricks and mortar. Capture the warmth of sunlight on hardwood floors, the cozy glow of a fireplace, and the inviting atmosphere that makes your listings irresistible.

Enhanced Image Quality

Professional photographers use high-grade equipment and have the expertise to capture high-resolution images that highlight the best features of a property.

Increased Attention and Interest

High-quality images stand out in property searches, increasing the likelihood that buyers will click on and explore the listing further.

Effective Marketing

From brochures to online platforms, these images enhance the overall appeal of the marketing campaign, presenting the property in a consistent and professional manner.

Advantages Lighthouse Customers See

Detail and Clarity

HDR photography captures a greater range of light and dark areas, providing images with exceptional clarity and detail.

Color Accuracy

HDR photos accurately reproduce colors as they appear in real life, making the images more vibrant and appealing.

Better Lighting Balance

HDR balances the light throughout the photo, ensuring that both brightly lit windows and darker interior spaces are visible and well-defined.

Increased Visual Appeal

An HDR image can make a listing stand out amongst others, potentially leading to more views, inquiries, and a faster sale.

Grow Better With Lighthouse Visuals

Make a lasting impression with eye-catching HDR photos. Stand out from the competition and grab attention with images that burst with vibrancy.
Make a lasting impression with eye-catching HDR photos. Stand out from the competition and grab attention with images that burst with vibrancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about listing HDR Photography? Find answers to common inquiries below:
What is HDR Photography?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography combines multiple shots taken at different exposures to create a single image with perfect lighting and detail.

It produces images with enhanced clarity and balanced lighting, making properties look more inviting and visually appealing.

Yes, HDR is versatile and enhances the presentation of any property, from residential homes to commercial spaces.

Our skilled photographers ensure HDR photos look natural and true to life, avoiding over-processed appearances.

The duration varies depending on the property size, but typically it’s not significantly longer than a standard photo shoot.

HDR is effective in most weather conditions, as it can balance varied lighting and bring out the best in your property.

We strive for a quick turnaround, typically delivering finished photos within a short timeframe after the shoot.

Still have questions?