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Lighthouse Visuals specializes in 3D Virtual Tours, HDR Photography, Video, and Aerial Imagery. We proudly serve North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

In addition to our high detail virtual tours, we provide professional photography, video and aerial Imagery. Lighthouse utilizes cutting edge Matterport® 360 virtual tour cameras, pro level Canon DSLRs and drones to create the ultimate marketing package for real estate agents, commercial builders and corporate spaces.

Unlock The Power Of HDR

The HDR Photo Difference

HDR photography is a superior choice for real estate because it can capture a wider range of light and shadow in a single image, producing a more balanced and natural-looking result. Unlike traditional photography, HDR combines multiple exposures to produce a final image with greater detail and depth. This technique is especially useful in real estate as it allows for accurate representation of a property’s interior and exterior, including details such as intricate moldings or textured surfaces. 


More Inquires

On listing that have virtual tours overs listings without


Faster Sells

Listings with aerial images sell faster when compared to listing without drone images


More Views

Home with professional images recive more views only over other listings

How It All Works

Our Process

Schedule Your Shoot

Discuss your listing with one of our Marketing Content Advisors to see exactly what your particular listing can benefit most from. We show up and do our thing.

We Deliver Next Day

After the shoot our professional photographer uploads to our professional editing team. From there the magic happens. Your photos, virtual tours and videos are hand crafted to get 3x more attention.

Activate Your Listing Online

Upload your content to the MLS and activate your listing. Watch the showing requests begin to fly in. Expect to get offers almost immediately!

Get More Offers In Less Time.

Real Estate Photography That Sells Homes

Real estate photography is a imperative element in selling a property, as it creates the first impression for potential buyers. High-quality, professional real estate photography can highlight a property’s unique features and showcase its full potential. A well-executed real estate photoshoot can increase online engagement and lead to a faster sale. Our real estate photography services are designed to capture stunning images that not only sell properties but also help real estate agents and homeowners stand out in a crowded market.

We Only Hire Local Photographers

Local Real Estate Photographers

Our real estate photography company prioritizes hiring local photographers who live in your area. By hiring local photographers, we ensure that they have intimate knowledge of the community and can capture the essence of the neighborhood in their photographs. Additionally, local photographers are more accessible and can quickly respond to client requests and emergencies. Our commitment to hiring local photographers demonstrates our dedication to supporting the local economy and fostering community connections.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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