What is HDR photography?

High-dynamic range (HDR) imaging is a photography technique in which multiple photos, taken at different exposures, are bracketed. These images can offer better contrast and a greater range of luminosity. They are generally better at depicting shadows and highlights in a space.

We are not going to get too technical about the process, because we will take care of the “how.” But as for the “why,” there are many ways HDR imaging can help real estate agents improve their marketing goals. 

Photos that are clearer to the eye

HDR images allow people to better envision the lifestyle of a house. Shadows and highlights that are better captured by HDR photos can show spaces and rooms as the human eye sees them. The majority of house hunting these days is done through looking at a screen. Being able to capture an image in a home that is close to how our eyes envision it, is important to grabbing your clients attention.

HDR Photography is hot on the market

A significant part of the real estate photography industry is moving toward HDR photography for that very reason: it oftentimes produces the highest quality of images. It is easier than ever for buyers to find listings. That is a double-edged sword, though, because it also takes more for sellers and agents to stand out and grab their attention.

Once the quality grabs their attention, they will stop to take in all the detail. They will seek out more information about the listing. One of the most difficult parts is done.

Photos are the meat and potatoes of real estate marketing packages. They do not have the bells and whistles of a promotional video or a 3-D virtual tour, which are both effective tools, as well. Those cannot be printed, though. It may seem old fashioned, but a hard copy is just another thing agents can give out. There is no such thing as too many materials! The more people have to look at, the more sales agents can make!

Our services always strive to capture people’s eye and drive engagement for agents. High quality is the universal ingredient for grabbing attention and driving engagement. Buyers can, with ease, scroll through a few hundred photos over numerous listings. Sellers want to have photos that will stop buyers in their tracks and suck them in. They want photos that will stop someone scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and think, “wow.”